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About Us

Rocky Point Montessori Daycare!

Your number one daycare provides a friendly and loving center for children with resources to enhance both physical and social development .


Mrs. Nasim has many years of combined experience and education in childcare, in addition to being a mother of three, ranging in age from 10 to 17 years old. Being a Mom and a previous owner/teacher of other Montessori schools, she has combined her passion and devotion to open an exceptional school.


Rocky Point Montessori Daycare focuses on a hybrid approach, where a balance of both Montessori and Early Childhood Education is applied to better teach young minds. This includes academics and physical activities.


We are here to work with you, and welcome your feedback any time.  We recognize parents as the primary educators and as such are in the position to help, by taking an interest in the child's experience at the centre and sharing information about their child with the educational staff. 





Dimensions of child development we practice are:


  • Affective, Emotional: The child learns to trust adults other than his/her parents, to express and control his/her emotions, to experience change and transitions, to develop self-confidence and individuality.

  • Physical & motor development: The child develps sensory perception, gross and fine motor skills, coordination, lateralization, spatial awareness and body image.

  • Social and moral: The child learns to organize himself/herself in space and time, organize his thoughts, understand the world around them and solve problems.

  • Language development: The child learns to understand and to express himself/herself through verbal and non-verbal language, develop vocabulary awareness.  He learns creative expression such as drawing, song, dance, and theatre.  They become aware of culture, pre-reading and writing skills.

  • Play: Play is the ideal way for the child to explore, understand and master his environment.  Play is the essential tool for the child to express, understand and integrate into his environment.

Our dedicated teachers and staff are the key to the schools success, as well as the success of each student.  Every teacher in the school holds a valid ECE (Early Childhood Education) teaching certificate and a valid First Aid certificate.  In addition to this, some have other certificates and degrees in various Childhood Studies, such as Montessori.  Continuous professional  development is obtained from courses and workshops taken throughout the year.




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